• Doesn't get stale – Customisation available – Solid gameplay
  • Shift from standard FPS games takes some time to adjust

Hawken is a free to play MMO that throws you into your own mechanical warrior for intense combat with other players. It’s all about the battle experience in Hawken with plenty of different game modes and customisation to keep you busy while allowing you to define your experience.


Stepping into your large mechanical fighter players fight each other to capture resources in a dystopian human society. The locations for these battles show the scars of a once thriving civilization that has been reduced to rubbles. The mechs that you use in the battles make the game faster paced than most first person shooters and requires more strategy to be employed because of the large variety in opponents.

This variety comes from the almost two dozen types of mechs that players can choose from (belonging to three main categories). With mechs for players that prefer to assassinate enemies, medium sized mechs with a balance of speed and firepower and the behemoths that are the heavy tank mechs there is something for all combat tastes.

Beyond your mech warrior type players can also customise their loadout with passive benefits, combat items and plenty of interesting cosmetic items to make your warrior unique and create a name for yourself.

Weapons aren’t just your usual stock standard options either with unique offerings like corrosive weapons, fireball launchers and spike guns making an appearance. Items are equally unique and can really alter your playstyle by allowing you to shut down your enemy with a powerful EMP or create a decoy hologram.


Actual gameplay in Hawken is split up into 5 different game modes. This includes team deathmatch, co-op bot destruction, missile assault, siege and deathmatch. This means there is something for all tastes and variety to keep you interested for the long run.

The battles in Hawken are beautiful, customisable and fast. It’s sure to tick all the right boxes for any long term FPS fan and it’s free price tag ensures there is no barrier to trying it for yourself.


  • Step into a mechanical warrior.
  • 5 fun and varied game modes to enjoy.
  • Plenty of customisation and choice lets you develop your own playstyle.
  • Stunning visuals and environments bring the world to life.
  • Free to play.

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Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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