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  • Appeal for casual and hardcore – Lots of variety – Free and fun
  • Some card grinding required

Hearthstone (originally Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft) is a free digital card game that has quickly gained a following of millions of players. With an impressive level of strategic depth combined with the hunt for cards to fill your deck Hearthstone promises hundreds of gameplay hours.


As the name suggests Hearthstone pulls lots of inspiration from the Warcraft universe but players that aren’t familiar with this Blizzard classic won’t feel left out in the cold.

Starting with just a basic collection of cards players will slowly build up their deck options by earning more cards through the Arena or purchasing them with the in-game currency of gold, which is earned for daily quests or winning matches. As a digital card game Hearthstone also comes with the option to breakdown cards that you don’t want in order to craft new cards.

Each match is a 1v1 affair with the option for your opponent to be another player or computer controlled AI. In these matches players will use their 30 card deck (either pre-assembled or a custom deck) and try to take the enemies health down to zero.


Players take turns playing cards from their hand which can be summoning minions to the battlefield, casting spells or buffing characters with weapons. Alternatively players can use their special hero skill which is based on the players chosen hero which can alter your playstyle quite dramatically and adds an extra layer of strategy to what is already a great card based experience.

With hundreds of cards to collect, a huge following and the support of Blizzard behind Hearthstone it’s sure to be the new leader in this space for years to come. With appeal to collectible card fans, strategy fans, casual players and hardcore players alike there is something for all gamers.


  • Hundreds of cards to collect and build the perfect deck with.
  • Choose from different heroes with their own abilities.
  • Millions of other players.
  • Free to play turn based gameplay at its best.
  • Something for both casual and hardcore gamers.



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  1. “Something for all gamers.”

    Noooo. Not this one. I got bored pretty fast.


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