Ibb and Obb

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  • Colourful game world – Fun gravity mechanic – Sense of accomplishment
  • Not a solo game – Can get frustrating

Ibb and Obb is intended as a co-operative game for your PlayStation 3 and is available through the PlayStation Store. The game can still be played alone but is a much tougher experience as players will need to control both characters which becomes increasingly difficulty as the puzzles intensify.


Ibb and Obb involves a variety of puzzles for players to solve and takes you on a journey through a very interesting and always changing game world. Players will either take control of Ibb or Obb who each have their own uses in solving puzzles. One cannot live without the other so players will have to stay close and stop their other half from dying to the hazards and strange creatures in the game world.

At the centre of this puzzle adventure is a twisted sense of gravity that allows players to walk on both sides of the ground. This allows the ground to become your new ceiling and in reverse as well. Reaching this upside down part of the game world can be done through various warp points although some are restricted to only one of the characters.

Character abilities are severely limited with players only able to control movement and jumping which can be enhanced by standing on each other’s head to gain additional momentum.


Ibb and Obb is definitely a puzzle game that you learn by trial and error rather than careful planning and death (lots of death) is to be expected as you make your way through the environments. Despite the high death count you are likely to encounter it doesn’t ever feel excessive as each death brings you one step closer to the solution.

If you and a friend or two are interested in tackling a puzzle game together Ibb and Obb is the obvious choice although it’s hard to recommend the game to solo players who simply won’t get the same experience.


  • A puzzle game designed for co-operative gameplay.
  • Control Ibb or Obb in a colourful game world.
  • Switch gravity on its head.
  • Communicate with your partner in order to solve puzzles.
  • Available on PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Linux.



Review Platform: PS3

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