Ice Age Village

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  • Ice Age themed – Story and quest based
  • Limitations of no premium currency

Ice Age Village lets you enjoy an adventure in the Ice Age that involves building homes for your favourite characters and discovering an entire ice filled game world.


Ice Age Village was clearly designed with a young audience in mind by the way it gives you plenty of direction and combines a simple story line into your adventure. This storyline involves rescuing all sorts of animals (including popular characters from the show) and building them a habitat for their family. The quests in Ice Age Village are given to you by Ice Age characters either through the quest window or bubbles that appear above their head as the roam your village.

Habitats are the bread and butter of your village and once built will enable you to recruit your favourite animals. In order to have a full family though you’ll need two adults and two babies (which must be hatched separately in the nursery), once you’ve completed a family you’ll get some in game rewards and maximise the amount of in game currency that they generate for your village.

With nearly 50 different animal species in the game your work is definitely cut out for you although more than half of these are restricted to the premium game currency of Acorns which aren’t handed out very generously.


In addition to habitats that will allow you to make homes for animals Ice Age Village offers a good selection of special buildings to unlock mini games, decorations and fun attractions to generate golden coins on a regular basis to reinvest in your settlement.

The foundations of a good village building are there with the game making good use of the Ice Age franchise to develop an adventure. Unfortunately it all starts to fall apart around the premium currency and limitations of not having any.


  • Ice Age adventure to build habitats for nearly 50 animal species.
  • Meet your favourite characters and accept quests from them.
  • Use decorations and other fun buildings to make your village home.
  • Expand across the landscape to unlock new options.
  • Free for iOS and Android.



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