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  • Generous amounts of free currency – Build your own impressive town
  • Difficult to use game UI (especially for small devices)

Make the town around you in Idle Town a clicking game that with investment can idle itself to an impressive money generating city. Available on iOS and Android players can tap their way to riches.


The premise of Idle Town is simple with players tapping on the large coin in the middle of their city to generate a steady stream of income. Tapping will earn you a $1 per tap but can be quickly upgraded to give you significantly more. The best way to build your city and the passive income is to build up the infrastructure on the free land in your city.

Building businesses like the humble lemonade stand and kiosk will help drive passive income and can be built in mass or upgraded individually to boost income. All of these buildings are beautifully designed which helps you build the city how you want.

Some buildings aren’t under the players control though and are pre-built in certain areas to offer the player access to game features. While this is a neat idea it can be annoying having to find and click on the building that governs a certain game mechanic when other games offer all of this in one convenient menu. This also goes for buildings where you’ll have to find the building you want to upgrade and click on it to complete an upgrade (quite hard on smaller devices).

The game has a huge achievement list which provides practical benefits to players. This includes large boosts to your tap income for achieving tap milestones along with global boosts to certain stores if you upgrade stores beyond certain level points. All achievements also come with a nice amount of premium gem currency, something that Idle Town is definitely quite generous with.


This premium currency is key to power-ups and a small group of VIP buildings with passive benefits, buildings in particularly are quite easy to get without spending money for those looking to put in the time.

Idle Town is a relaxing town building clicker game with wonderful graphics and style while also being very fair about premium currency. It’s only let down is its accessibility on smaller screens.


  • Build your own virtual town with your virtual gold.
  • Enjoy plenty of achievements, perks and buildings.
  • Fair approach to premium currency makes it fairly easy to earn.
  • Upgrade your buildings for idle income or your clicking power for active income.
  • Free on Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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