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  • Multi-platform – Special resources and noblemen let you differentiate yourself
  • Some outdated elements

Imperia Online is a browser based strategy adventure that has been constantly developing since its original release in 2005. It now commands a large community across iOS, Android and your browser, where it began.


Set in a medieval world like many others in the genre players begin their journey as an emperor of an undeveloped province. As the game progresses this province slowly takes shape through construction and all sorts of upgrades that lets you create your ideal settlement.

In order to achieve this growth players will have to master the process of resource generation, trading, raiding and diplomacy. As time passes you can increase your area of influence through alliances or capturing adjoining territories that can be colonised.

Imperia Online uses the four resources of wood, iron, stone and gold which are all generated from buildings that must be built and upgraded. Gold is slightly different than the other three resources though and is generated by selling other resources in the market, collected through taxes and other limited actions.

Imperia Online does also introduce some extra depth in the resource department through a special resource system with dozens of unique resources that can be found throughout the game world to provide all sorts of additional bonuses. Buildings are equally varied and one of the best elements of Imperia Online with nearly 30 different structures that can not only be built but also upgraded numerous times to improve their resource or troop output while unlocking new technological advances.


Battles are where the game really shines through though with enough complexity to keep combat interesting and strategic throughout your play time. Imperia Online achieves this by splitting units into 4 different military types (light, heavy, elite and siege) and then combining this with player controlled battle formations which heavily drive the battle outcome. This is then further refined by attack options that allow players to focus on attacking the enemy army head on, sieging their fortress or pillaging the civilian population which each have different results.

With some light RPG features through the recent addition of court noblemen that gain experience over time to help boost resource or battle effectiveness Imperia Online is one of the premium strategy games on offer.


  • Use the court noblemen feature to customise your strategy.
  • Nearly 30 different buildings with their own upgrades.
  • Use troops, trade and diplomacy to overtake the game world.
  • Special resources provide boosts to your province.
  • Online since 2005 and constantly updated.



Review Platform: iOS

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