Impossible Creatures

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  • Unique army creation mechanic – Storyline
  • Some pathfinding headaches

Impossible Creatures lets you create your own army of strange creatures and then test them out in a real time strategy environment. The game is definitely one of the more unique experiences out there and was developed by Relic Entertainment for a 2002 release.


The games plot follows the story of Rex Chance as he attempts to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the evil tycoon Upton Julius. Rex’s father just so happened to be one of the best scientists of his time and the inventor behind Sigma Technology. This technology allows players to combine creatures together to create a single life form.

As Rex spends more and more time with the unique Sigma Technology he starts to find a new power within himself that helps him join his creature creations on the battlefield against Upton Julius and his loyal subjects. Eventually he learns that he was more than the son of his father and was actually one of the very first Sigma experiments.

The campaign takes place across 15 missions and mixes in a number of different environments that have their own elements to adjust to. In each of these missions players can create up to 9 creatures to form their army. By placing two animals together from the 50 or so options available players can create a unique army that suits their preferred style of play. Each animal has their own stats and abilities so there is a huge amount of depth to explore in the army creation process.


Once players have designed their creatures the game plays out like a standard real time strategy experience with players creating various buildings and battling the enemy units in order to achieve the objective for that mission.

If you are tired of not having more control of your units in your favourite RTS then try your hand at Sigma Technology in Impossible Creatures.


  • A unique real time strategy experience.
  • Create your army from a huge variety of animals.
  • Follow the interesting story of Rex and Sigma Technology.
  • Single player campaign with 15 missions and different enemy styles to overcome.
  • Includes multiplayer with 3 available game modes.



Review Platform: PC

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