Infamous Second Son

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  • Plenty of game freedom – Graphics bring the world to life – Lots of unique and powerful skills
  • Some repetitive mission design – Bland story direction

Infamous Second Son is the third chapter in the Infamous series and once again has players exploring a huge open world with all sorts of strange powers. Released in March 2014 and a PlayStation 4 exclusive title this is one that Infamous fans can’t afford to miss.


Set in the year 2016 it has been nearly a decade since the events of the previous game that ultimately led to the death of Cole MacGrath. There are still many other Conduits out there though which are hunted down by the Department Unified Protection (DUP), led by Brooke Augustine who possesses the Conduit power of concrete.

Your role in this adventure is Delsin Rowe who has one of the most unique Conduit powers of all, one of absorption that allows him to take over the powers of other Conduits. Early on in Second Son Delsin learns of this power which gets him caught in the war between Conduits and the DUP.

In a similar way to the past two Infamous stories players are free to drive the story with a number of decisions at key game moments. These decisions are split between good and evil with the final ending being based on the sum of all your decisions throughout the game. Just like the original games your karma status also changes the way that your powers and appearance develop.


Everything else that defined the previous Infamous games are also there in Second Son from the parkour style elements that let you move around the game world with ease to the huge open world that is never shy on offering action and enemies for you to deal with.

If you’ve followed Infamous so far then Second Son is definitely going to tick the right boxes for you, it captures the essence of the series while still feeling fresh with new elements.


  • The third chapter in the Infamous series.
  • Gain new powers as you adventure through the story as Delsin Rowe.
  • Parkour elements make it easy to move around the city.
  • Make good or evil decisions to drive the story and your abilities.
  • PlayStation 4 exclusive title.



Review Platform: PS4

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