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  • Unique game mode – Creative and combat games always available
  • Old and lack of updates

Infiniminer is actually the game that originally gave Notch the idea for Minecraft. So if you are interested in returning to the roots of the game consider trying out Infiniminer, there are still plenty of servers and games running despite its age.


Soon after its release the games development was closed but that doesn’t stop Infiniminer from being a fun experience. Infiniminer was created by Zachary Barth and is an open source multiplayer experience that lets players place and destroy blocks for creative efforts or as part of one of the game modes.

The core game mode for the game (and how it is meant to be played) has players battling it out in team based combat with the goal to uncover more precious metals than the enemy team. Players will have to dig deep into the game world to find these resources and then bring them to the surface. These resources are randomly spread across the random game world which ensures that every match is a different experience.

In order to achieve success each team will have to carefully use the 4 available classes in the game. The miner can dig the fastest, the prospector can spot rare minerals, the engineer has the most building options and the sapper uses TNT for ultimate destruction.


Overtime players slowly stopped playing the competitive game though and simple enjoyed building (so be aware of which servers you enter). These days you’ll find a mixture of games that are either creatively focused or follow the intended game mode.

Infiniminer is a lot older these days than other game options but it still has a somewhat cult following, if you are interested in learning more about the origins of Minecraft or just want a free game to kill some time with your friends, Infiniminer is worth a look.


  • The original inspiration for Minecraft and other games.
  • Play in team based combat as you attempt to collect more rare minerals than the enemy.
  • 4 Playable classes each with their own purpose.
  • Play the original game mode or find a creative server instead.
  • Free to play building game.



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