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  • Great variety in level and puzzle design – Dark setting with bonus alternative ending
  • Won't offer up a challenge

Following the impressively popular Limbo is INSIDE a similar themed puzzle platform adventure that sees the player guiding a young boy through a darkly theme world. Along the way you’ll uncover the mysteries of this world while completing environmental puzzles in the 2.5D side scrolling environments.


For plot the game opens up with your nameless dark haired boy (with a striking red shirt) sliding down a steep rock face. Opening up into a forest you’ll run, stumble and balance your way forward where you’ll encounter the first sight of other people and a town hidden in the distance.

Within this town players soon realise that all is not how it is supposed to be with nearly all of the inhabitants being lifeless and zombie like. These lifeless characters can be controlled with mind device stations across the town which the player uses for a number of puzzle sequences.

As players move through the town they learn more about why the people are in this state while also gaining access to new abilities to advance environmental puzzles further. Ultimately reaching the climax of two different story endings, with the unlocking of the alternative ending requiring players to find a number of hidden locations.


For gameplay INSIDE is comparable to Limbo and other 2D platform titles. Moving the nameless red shirted boy with keyboard or controller your actions are limited to basic actions such as moving across the screen, jumping, swimming and interacting with simple objects (buttons, mind control devices, moving boxes, etc).

Given the young age of the character death can come in many forms from falling too high, being caught by a search light, attacks from guard dogs and other environmental hazards. Death will return players to a recent checkpoint and is generally not too punishing.


  • A follow up to the hugely popular, Limbo.
  • Command a nameless young boy with a red shirt.
  • Solve environmental puzzles as you escape the town.
  • Uncover an alternative ending with careful exploration.
  • For Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.



Review Platform: PC

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