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  • 200+ levels – Multiple environments – Bright graphics
  • Some lag issues – Lack of power ups that you can use

Jelly Splash is a puzzle game developed by Wooga that can be played in your browser (Facebook) or on your iOS/Android device. The game falls into the connecting puzzle genre and requires players to connect groups of jelly together across hundreds of levels.


Jelly Splash is set in Jelly Land where the evil critters have taken over the land leaving you in charge of rescuing your jelly buddies. This exciting puzzle adventure will take you across over 200 levels that each present their own challenge with the game mechanics of Jelly Splash slowly evolving as you advance through the game. Every 20 levels you’ll get a change of scenery as well with environments including beaches, volcanoes, grassy jungles, mountain peaks and more.

Gameplay involves connecting jellies of the same colour together with players able to create diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines to connect jellies in adjacent squares. The mechanic has been done in plenty of other puzzle games but with some truly difficult levels ahead of you on your Jelly Splash journey it feels fairly fresh. The catchy sounds that all seem to go ‘pop’ also add to the experience.

After a few easy tutorial levels that introduce the basic mechanics and super jellies which can clear an entire line the player is introduced to what can be considered the real levels. In these levels you’ll have limited numbers of turns to complete a given objective much like Candy Crush Saga.

While early on these are points based scores players will have to free a certain number of jellies from grey slime or collect a particular colour in later levels. At the end of each level you’ll earn 1 to 3 stars based on your performance which encourages you to visit previously conquered levels.


Every level attempt will drain a life from the players reserve which regenerates over time which prevents you from playing for long sessions (and helps fund the game through in app purchases if you want more).

For those that want to compare themselves to their friends (or beg them for extra lives) you can connect Jelly Splash up to Facebook.


  • Save the jellies in Jelly Splash.
  • Over 200 levels across a number of environments.
  • Compete with friends or ask them for lives to keep you playing.
  • Plenty of different challenges from score requirements to freeing jellies from slime.
  • Free to play.



Review Platform: iOS

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