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  • Voiceovers – Hand drawn game art
  • Limited variety in combat

Serving up a hand drawn world waiting to be explored (and hiding five epic Jotuns to fight) Jotun is a game that draws its story and gameplay from the Norse mythology.


Your vessel for this adventure is Thora, a Viking warrior who met their end in an inglorious way but has been given a second chance to prove to the Gods that she is worthy of stepping into Valhalla. In order to do so you’ll have to unleash the five Jotuns by collecting runes and face off against them with your axe and skills.

Visuals are the most striking element of your Jotun journey which uses a hand drawn style that seems perfectly fitting for the story which revolves both the life and death of Thora (complete with Icelandic voice acting).

The formula for each battle against the five Jotuns is roughly the same as you explore two sections at a time trying to find the necessary runes to activate the third area where the Jotun lies. This three area setup repeats across each Jotun which is also the only real combat players will be engaging with as the rest of the game opts for a tale more so than gameplay.


With the nice art style and unique interactions hiding throughout the various landscapes this lack of combat is by no means dull. Exploring also serves another purpose though by teaching you the skills you need for the upcoming battle along with upgrading your health or passing on powers from the Gods which can help you overcome the giant battles ahead of you.

While each Jotun is designed in a unique manner the combat of each is fundamentally the same as players swing their axe at the ankles of their enemy while dodging attacks and looking for a good opening to unleash. With the small number though and the unique designs it’s not stale.


  • A Norse themed video game that follows Thora.
  • Native voice acting to bring the story to life.
  • Face deadly and unique Jotuns.
  • Explore various landscapes as you find upgrades and master controls.
  • Play across PC and consoles.



Review Platform: PC

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