Kameo: Elements of Power

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  • Warrior variety – Unique setting – Some great visuals for its time
  • Short and not overly difficult for adventure fans

Kameo: Elements of Power blends the power of the elements into an action adventure game. The game launched in 2005 for the Xbox 360 and is one of the more unique adventures on the platform.


The game is set in a mythical world and has players assuming the role of Kameo, the daughter of the Elf Queen. The queen has always had the ability to assume the form of Elemental Warriors which are powerful beings with an impressive array of abilities that are tied into their element. Kameo inherits this ability from her mother despite being the younger of two daughters which sends the first and rightful daughter to releasing the powerful and evil troll king to join forces with him while capturing all her relatives (apart from Kameo).

As the one with the power to restore order to the world and save your relatives it is up to the player to use the Elemental Warriors. Along this journey you’ll unlock additional elements and also learn more about the history of the game world and yourself.

Gameplay in Kameo: Elements of Power is centred around the player rescuing the various Elemental Warriors (often tied to a family member) which then bestows the power to become that element on Kameo. Each of the warriors have their own strengths, weaknesses and design which makes them all play very differently from each other.


While certain areas require the player to use particular elements for platform or puzzle sequences the player has a good amount of freedom on how they want to approach combat (although there definitely are certain overpowered options against certain enemies). To upgrade your favourite warrior players can collect elemental fruit to learn more advanced techniques. Players can also collect crystals to boost Kameo’s abilities or elixirs to permanently boost your health.

Kameo promises great gameplay variety that ends up being a very deep offering once you get your feet wet.


  • A great journey through a unique setting.
  • 10 different Elemental Warriors that all play very differently.
  • Plenty of item collecting to boost your power.
  • Smooth combat system.
  • Some great music and sounds add to the realism.



Review Platform: Xbox One

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