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  • Humour – Mini golf – Plenty of depth for a browser game
  • Can be slow at times

Kapi Hospital puts you at the head of your very own hospital as you try to cure patients of all sorts of medical issues. The game is playable within your browser and just like the other games produced by Upjers you’ll find a high quality experience that doesn’t push you to make in game purchases.


At the start of your Kapi Hospital adventure players will be given only a small amount of space to build their starting examination rooms. Once you get into the flow of the game players will find ample space to expand their rooms and build new ones to deal with all sorts of medical emergencies.

Before long you’ll find that patients start arriving at your hospital with a variety of diseases and illnesses from barfritis to acne and more. As these patients arrive players will be able to pick patients up and drop them into the appropriate hospital room in order to cure them and get paid. In order to speed up your doctors you’ll want to keep a healthy stock of medical equipment to reduce the time that it takes to cure your patients. Not only will this increase your cash flow dramatically but also make your hospital one of the most popular in the area.

As the game goes on players will have to overcome more severe combinations of disease that require more specialty rooms to be built. Eventually Kapi Hospital allows players to expand their hospital over four different floors and even manage an intensive care unit.


For doctors that decide they want a break from curing patients the mini golf course provides a nice break from the hectic hospital experience and adds another layer to the game as you try to purchase new golf gear for the green.

Kapi Hospital is an easy game to learn but still offers plenty of depth and advances forward at a reasonable pace. If you like management and tycoon style games or are a fan of Theme Hospital you’ll like the experience.


  • Run your own hospital.
  • Take a break from curing patients and go the mini golf course.
  • Plenty of depth and room to grow your hospital.
  • Manage your inventory of medical supplies to cure patients quickly.
  • Free to play browser game.



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