Killing Floor

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  • Great for short play sessions – Perk system – Multiple difficulties
  • Not a huge amount of depth – Lonely without a good set of friends

Killing Floor is a co-operative game that puts a team of players against zombie like enemies in a series of waves. While the game is best enjoyed with close friends players can also tackle the game solo or join a server with other players in the community. The game is available on both PC and Mac.


The game features little in the way of story and instead focuses on the gameplay experience. Games in Killing Floor are played across several different maps with locations including city streets, abandoned buildings and open farmland. On each map the player and their team will face waves of enemies with a final boss battle against the Patriarch.

Players can choose to play each map on several different difficulties which changes the strength of enemies, the amount of enemies in each wave and the money that the player is given for kills. This money that players generate for kills can then be spent in between waves at the trader for new weapons, ammunition and armour. To prevent players holding up in a single game area the trader moves around the map with each round.

The emphasis in Killing Floor is definitely on the co-operative experience with players able to share resources with each other, heal other players and even wield doors shut to funnel enemies which gives the game some strategy elements at higher difficulties and requires careful communication.


In addition to choosing weapons players can select a perk at the start of each game (and change it between rounds if they wish). These perks level up when a player uses the associated weapon type for that perk which increases the strength of the bonuses they receive.

As a game that you can jump right in and play a few rounds with your friends every now and then Killing Floor is perfect. It won’t hold your attention for longer play sessions but it isn’t intended to do so.


  • A co-operative first person shooter.
  • Fight off specimens in wave based battles.
  • Spend your hard earned money on upgrades between rounds.
  • Great map variety and difficultly levels for different experiences each time you play.
  • Level up perks to improve your character.



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