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  • Good pacing to unlocks – Simple but crisp graphics – PvE
  • Little uniqueness to gameplay

Kingdom Clash was developed by FireMocha and builds on the formula made popular by Clash of Clans. The game is only available for iOS and offers plenty of free to play PvP action for fans of the growing game genre.


Like other games Kingdom Clash requires a strong and constant internet connection as you need to be connected to the internet to play. The game offers plenty of PvE and PvP gameplay that will have players developing their own kingdom, training an army and building defensive structures to keep their resources safe from other players. Ultimately your goal is to become one of the top ranked players in Kingdom Clash which comes with plenty of bragging rights.

Fans of other games in the genre will instantly recognise the gameplay that Kingdom Clash offers. Newcomers to the genre won’t struggle though with a great tutorial that walks you through all the basic elements before throwing you out to the wolves (the other players).

Buildings in Kingdom Clash are broken down into three main categories (defence, resources and army) which can be upgraded as you advance through the game provided the player is the required level and has the necessary resources.


Resource generation is the backbone of any kingdom with players having to manage the dual currency system of coins and spellstone which each have their own generating building and one to store and protect the resource from invaders.

For maximum protection though players will need to build up their defences with cannons, watchtowers, catapults, walls and other dangerous traps. While on the offensive players can make use of several different unit types which are slowly unlocked as the player upgrades their barracks and other military buildings. While you start out with very simple warriors and archers players can eventually use bears, airships, wizards, knights and even dragons.


  • Great for new and old players of the genre.
  • Good mixture of PvE and PvP content to explore.
  • Large land to build the ultimate kingdom and fortress.
  • Plenty of defensive options to protect yourself.
  • Well balanced unlock system slowly gives you access to better units and buildings.



Review Platform: iOS

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