Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

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  • Satisfyingly simple – 4 unique heroes – Kirby fan service
  • Limited difficultly – Low variety of level layouts

Embark on a Kirby adventure on Wii and Wii U with up to 3 friends in cooperative gameplay. With all the staples of Kirby platform gameplay you’ll jump, inhale and copy enemies during your adventure.


Kirby’s Return to Dream Land opens up with Kirby carrying a delicious cake while being chased by King Dedede and Waddle Dee, while also running past Meta Knight quietly reading a book. While all seems well a large flying ship appears out of nowhere and crash lands in from of the group.

Within the ship they encounter Magolor who after taking an inventory of the ship realises they are missing 5 important pieces of the ship along with 120 energy spheres. Not wanting to leave Magolor with a broken ship the crew offer to lend their help by adventuring across the planet to recover the pieces.

With the story set gameplay is a 2.5D side scroller with platform and action elements (character models, items and enemies are presented in 3D). Players can choose to play any of the available characters or play as a coloured variant of Kirby with the option to join and leave at any point.

Kirby has all of his signature moves with the ability to inhale objects or enemies along with the standard copy abilities power. Each character has their own skillset from hammer bashing, spear throwing to sword fighting which combines with a flight mechanic to ensure no character is left behind.


Other mechanics are comparable to similar titles with lives, bonus levels, mini games, stars to collect and hidden areas. All of which encourages players to explore, use their abilities to maximum effect or rely on an item to reach all the energy spheres. The most common hidden method of energy spheres are the warp areas that include various environmental obstacles and a mini boss all while attempting to outrun an approaching black void line.

While the challenge and variation of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land isn’t the best in the genre it is a clear stand out on the Wii/Wii U platform and filled with cooperative laughs.


  • 2.5D platformer for up to 4 players.
  • Play as Kirby, King Dedede, Waddle Dee and Meta Knight.
  • In and out multiplayer lets players join easily.
  • Travel the planet finding all the spheres and ship parts.
  • For Wii and Wii U consoles.



Review Platform: Wii U

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