Knight’s Fable

  • Classes – Colourful game world – Great amount of content
  • Doesn't do enough to separate itself from similar offerings

Knight’s Fable sends you on an epic quest all within your browser as you pick a class, fight countless enemies and upgrade equipment in a colourful game world.


Stepping into the shoes of an adventurer players are quickly thrown into a world devastated by war and evil. Classes are gender locked unfortunately but have distinct and pleasant visuals that makes up for that fact.

Once in the game you’ll get a brief little introduction to the lore behind the game world but you won’t find anything new in this department. Once you’re actually into the game though players will find the story is well written and offers just enough context without ever overwhelming you with lore (unless you go looking).

Gameplay in Knight’s Fable is extremely quest driven and ensures level ups are never far away. With skill and equipment unlocks also being thrown at you fairly regularly you’ll never feel like you aren’t growing your character and making game progress. The large range of in game events and challenges boosts this sense of accomplishment even further and ensures you have ample things to do next.

Skills and equipment are at the heart of the Knight’s Fable due to the turn based nature of the gameplay. To extend this system a little further and give it more longevity you’ll eventually unlock additional heroes to join your party which require their own equipment. Pets are also available allowing you to create a unique party and mix and match as you see fit based on your preferences.


To keep you busy outside of the core questing based gameplay players can also engage in alliance wars, train a new hero while inheriting the stats of their current hero through the hero inheritance system, go fishing in the pond, challenge the hell dungeons, complete jobs, escort precious cargo and much more.

It’s these little side activities and the events that really make Knight’s Fable worth playing as the level of variety ensures you won’t run out of things to do.


  • Well written adventure for those that want to follow a story.
  • Unique class attributes and visuals bring them to life.
  • Develop a party of heroes and pets.
  • Always something to do with countless side activities and events.
  • Free to play with simple to grasp gameplay.

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Review Platform: Browser

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. the game is all about bugs and lying about fixes

  2. All you do in this game is click, it is too easy and gets boring fast.Iove how they have apollo and greek gods and goddesses as party members. I love greek gods and goddesses and this is the only reason why i like it.

  3. This just involves click-click-clicking and autopathing. It’s really boring, and does not have real combat, but just sitting and watching your character and your party whack at enemies. It’s essentially pay-to-win, especially when you hit around level 20. My suggestion: Do not play this, in fact, avoid almost EVERY browser MMO.


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