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  • Create or play – Friendly community – Works in browser
  • Choice can be overwhelming

Kogama offers a social based building experience that can be played within your browser. The game is similar to Roblox and has players designing their own levels which can then be played by others.


Kogama has slowly grown from a simple building experience to include a large collection of building tools and predefined objects to allow users to create some truly impressive games. Because Kogama relies on users for their content it is easy to find a large range of game types from racing, FPS, puzzle, fighting and much more.

Do you want to build some first person shooter levels with friends and then fight it out in a deathmatch? Kogama will let you do that. Maybe you want to design the ultimate race track and watch as thousands of players enjoy your map every day? Kogama will also let you do that.

Of course you can just as easily bypass game creation all together and simply focus on playing games. At the time of this review there are over 7000 different games that have been designed by users, a number that grows every single day. Of course this includes some which are completely rubbish or unfinished but by using the various filters you can easily find the best games. Generally you’ll find a dozen or so games with a large number of players although this dies down in off-peak hours.


Best of all Kogama has low system requirements and doesn’t chew up a lot of bandwidth so it can easily be played on a laptop or with a slower internet connection without too much difficulty.

Regardless of your preference (building or playing) you will find Kogama an enjoyable experience that you can either explore by yourself or with some friends. Fans of Roblox will be particularly impressed with the similar experience Kogama has to offer.


  • A social building game.
  • Design your own levels and share them with the community.
  • Play a large selection of games from multiple genres.
  • Can be played in your browser.
  • Active community forum and regular updates.



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