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  • Great spread of class styles – Strong combat
  • Not enough core content variety

Kritika brings a high level of nonstop action in 3D RPG form, set in a world with impressive graphics and hordes of enemies to carve through in Kritika you’ll take one of four classes through endless and easy to access battles. Inspired by the likes of Devil May Cry and other action MMOs (Tera) gamers who prefer fast action are well catered for.


Playing as either a Reaper, Warrior, Gunmage or Rouge (each with their own sub classes) Kritika lets you take full control of your champion in an arcade brawler like experience that offers more focused action than your traditional point and click MMO. While you’ve got only four core classes the choices are distinct and enjoyable, the lack of a dedicating healing class also ensures everyone gets to make full use of the action gameplay. Although this list of classes is likely to expand in the future and may eventually add a more supportive character to the roster.

From the Reaper who wields a deadly scythe and chains, specialises in melee, blood and ranged combat to the standard Warrior who prefers to wield his sword in close quarters combat and can spec into a raging Berserkers, a Fire Lord for enhanced fire on attacks or a Doom Blade that zaps enemy souls through his blade. Other classes available within Kritika are the Gunmage who combines ranged gun weaponry with elemental magic and can further specialise in frost, shadow or warp powers and the Rogue who aims to get behind her enemies through misdirection and can choose to focus on assassination, claws or spirit animals.

While these classes have fun designs the real enjoyable aspect of the game is the polished action RPG style combat system which lets you stack up insane damage numbers and pull off skillful attacks before your enemy even knows what hit them. This impressive combat is true from the very start of the game and only expands once sub classes become available to ensure the experience is consistent throughout.


This balance is also well supported by your enemies who similarly will get more and more varied attacks to prevent the game being a steamroll against the AI. Bosses in particular have a number of mechanics that require careful consideration whether you be facing them solo or within a party of players. PvP is also quite fast and furious although powerful combos can leave your health pool quickly depleted with minimal counter play in the games present state, Kritika does counter this somewhat by equalising all character stats so it’s not a contest of who has the biggest wallet.

Overall you’ll find that Kritika shines more on the PvE front, particularly if you can pull some friends along to counter some of the repetitiveness in missions. One thing that won’t get stale though is the action based combat which stays sharp from day one.


  • Action RPG with four base classes.
  • Specialise into a sub class for even more skills.
  • Fight bosses as you dodge attacks and learn their patterns.
  • Master the timing of your attacks with powerful combos.
  • Free to play MMO for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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