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  • Unique puzzles – 4 movies in a single game
  • Bugs and glitches

Set in a Lego world, Lego Jurassic World brings the action from the Jurassic movies into the gaming world in Lego style. It’s a game developed for Lego fans, movie fans and even just general action-adventure fans.


Originally devised for various consoles and the computer the game was released on mobile devices (iOS/Android) a year after its initial release. For the most part all game versions have a similar experience although the mobile and 3DS versions limit the free roaming game elements.

The game follows along the same storylines as that of the Jurassic Park films with some minor edits to events, each film is presented in five different levels. Given the games design for children a number of the more serious game elements including character deaths have been replaced with humour.

Gameplay aligns with the previous Lego game titles with players roaming around the overworld and entering the 20 game levels to solve puzzles and explore what that particular level has to offer. Part of this exploration ties into the 100+ playable characters that are based on the films, extended lore and even the dinosaur species themselves.


Each of these characters has their own unique abilities to utilise which helps with overcoming the obstacles in the game and overall progress through the story. Overall the combat is more limited than other games that have the Lego name but still makes up a reasonable percentage of your time.

The accessibility of the Lego titles has always been its strength in adapting movies and other reference material into the video game scene. This continues to be the case in Lego Jurassic World although the lack of combat orientated gameplay makes it a little more passive than other Lego games.


  • Explore the Jurassic park movies (4 in total)
  • Play over 100 characters including dinosaurs with unique abilities.
  • Solve puzzles, fight dinosaurs and humans.
  • Free roam the game world or dive into 20 levels.
  • Available for a large range of game platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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