Life Quest 2

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  • Plenty of depth – Light hearted and fun
  • Not suited too long sessions

Life Quest 2 has you moving into Metropoville as you take a 12 step journey to the ultimate life. It’s a unique mixture between strategy and life simulation that has you ultimately shooting to move up the social ladder.


The decisions that Life Quest 2 will pose to players are very reminiscent to those that will you face in real life such as career options, pets, romance, possessions and much more. The multiple paths that you can take in the game ensure it’s an adventure that you’ll repeat many times without getting bored.

At the start of your adventure players will customise a character that is fleeing from their past in order to start a fresh life in the town of Metropoville, this is where the 12 step program to a perfect life comes into play as you balance progress with the amount of available time.

On the surface the gameplay is very light-hearted with bright colours and a whole range of unique and often eccentric characters to meet through out game. Go a little deeper though and you’ll quickly realise the game is anything but with much more strategy than originally meets the eye.


Each game plays out over 100 game days with players earning a score at the end based on their success which creates competition with yourself and friends. Ideally players will complete all 12 life goals in these 100 days but this is not something you’ll be able to achieve in the first few playthroughs, ensuring a great challenge.

For those that want to manage their own virtual life Life Story 2 has many strong points, most notably the depth of strategy that the game has beneath the surface. The only real negative is the game sometimes mimic life too closely where you’ll do nothing for a few days but get up and go to work in order to make your next vital purchase.


  • A mixture of strategy, turn-based gameplay and life simulation.
  • Attempt to fulfil the 12 life quests in 100 days.
  • Compare your score to others and yourself.
  • Packed with content such as romance, careers, vehicles, vacations, stock market and much more.
  • Play on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.



Review Platform: PC

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