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  • See your kingdom grow in 3D – Fantasy theme with the likes of dragons
  • Little innovation

Taking a formula popularised by Tiny Tower but taking it underground in a fantasy setting is Lil’ Kingdom a game about building up a dungeon with your own civilians.


Every element of the formula can be found within Lil’ Kingdom gameplay from the building of new floors out of multiple options to the recruiting of people, stocking of goods and earning money to build even more floors. The recognisable skill and dream job systems also return along with the active elevator portion of the game that has you carting newcomers to desired floors with a few taps.

Where Lil’ Kingdom changes up things though is in the fantasy setting which is paired with 3D models rather than the simple 2D or pixel approaches of similar game titles. You’ll find this a nice touch as you can see all your citizens in all their glory as they work for you in one of your floors. Lil’ Kingdom handles this shift to 3D particularly well and does so while still keeping UI accessible and straight forward.


Other differences include the dragon eggs which lets player hath dragons that will roam your dungeon and instantly fully stock a floor they land on every 6 hours for a large influx of gold for further expansion. Players will also get the odd visit from magical elves to boost stats of residents, which keeps in line with the overall fantasy theme.

With the familiar formula Lil’ Kingdom is easy to step into, the basic UI and 3D graphics also make each app open a pleasurable experience given the ease of assigning newcomers to ideal jobs for them and watching them work in the 3D environments to generate game currency. While you won’t see much innovation Lil’ Kingdom is still worthy of an install on your iOS or Android device.


  • 3D based dungeon builder.
  • Recruit citizens and assign them to ideal jobs for maximum coin.
  • Fantasy setting complete with dragons and elves.
  • Build deep underground with multiple floor types.
  • Tiny Tower inspired title for Android and iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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