Lionheart Tactics

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  • All heroes have distinct skills and personality – Customise your team with duplicate heroes and items
  • Not suited to smaller devices

Available within your browser or on your mobile device Lionheart Tactics takes the FF Tactics formula and adds a healthy dose of hero collection into the fray. Playing as the hero and travelling across the lands you’ll use a constantly changing hero roster to stop the evil which has returned.


While this story is akin to the many other RPG stories around the track you’ll find Lionheart Tactics to be light hearted as you move across the country with the odd piee of dialogue thrown in to add context.

As the title suggests your in for a tactical game that leans heavily on the turn based genre. This means that within each battle you’ll be commanding a team of units as you elect to move, attack or use skills during your turn. Lionheart Tactics features a healthy dose of heroes to choose from with a total of 49 heroes all with different stats and skills.

For example you’ve got your main hero that can whirlwind around to attack multiple enemies or the thief that can steal extra gold and the archer with the deadly multishot. Outside of this heroes will also level up as they kill enemies or can be powered up with duplicate heroes instead. Additional power can be obtained from items found as battle rewards or purchased with your winnings.

As a freemium title you might be starting to question where the limiting factor comes in and with Lionheart Tactics it creeps up pretty quickly in the form of health transferring between battles with only premium currency (crowns) capable of healing characters without a waiting period.


This unfortunately also carries over to the multiplayer portion where you’ll battle AI controlled units of other players. While you’ll get a few of these crowns for level completion it won’t be enough to keep you playing over longer periods.

Overall the wealth of team options in Lionheart Tactics helps overcome the minor issues although its not recommended to play on the smaller mobile devices.


  • Collect and craft a team from the 49 heroes.
  • Find and purchase equipment for more power.
  • Utilise unique skills and passive abilities of each class.
  • Battle AI controlled units of other players for stronger rewards.
  • Weekly dungeons to help you grind.



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