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  • Colourful attacks – Destructible world – Customise your hero
  • Short – Story is bare bones

With colourful top-down shooting gameplay and well designed co-operative mechanics Livelock is an enjoyable experience on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Playing as one of three unique characters you’ll bash and shoot your way through mechanical enemies alone or with two allies.


These characters each have their own chassis which contains a human consciousness that was transferred in order to awaken the rest of humanity in the appropriately named Eden. Falling into traditional archetypes of tank, ranged DPS and support you’ll be able to heavily customise your layout.

With the likes of weapons and functions (abilities) to create something that appeals to you while also keeping each players loadout slightly different. Players can carry a total of 3 weapons which is then paired with 2 selectable functions and 1 locked ultimate ability with further changes possible through modifiers. Livelock also includes a number of visual options through a firmware system.

Gameplay sees players step into either the story mode which can be completed in a few hours or survival mode which is your standard multi wave enemy affair. While short the campaign packs in lots of action and variety with linear mob killing sequences mixing in with protection missions and boss battles. This also pairs up with plenty of destructible environments which helps build up the persona of being in an unstoppable mech like machine.


Players are hardly unstoppable once the difficultly ramps up though thanks to the large array of enemy types that have different strategies and designs, higher difficulties also focus on higher damage rather than more enemy health which does make the end game a bit more enjoyable. That being said with no real penalty for death it is hard to care much about your characters livelihood.

For co-operative gameplay with friends Livelock is one of the best co-op releases in 2016 and its tight mechanics make it enjoyable for even non twin stick shooter fans.


  • 3 player co-op across campaign and survival modes.
  • Command and customise your own chassis.
  • Twin stick shooting gameplay.
  • Colourful attacks to destroy the environment and enemies.
  • For Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Review Platform: PC

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