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  • Choose your magazine stories – Scout out locations
  • Similar to other Kairosoft title

Taking the success of Game Dev Story Kairosoft has now imported this popular formula into Magazine Mogul, a magazine studio management game. You’ll lead your growth, find the coverage, brainstorm new ideas, hire your fierce editorial team and expand your office space.


Creating magazines requires staff input with attributes in writing, design, interest and typos. This four stat system is comparable to other Kairosoft games with players having to carefully select an optimal mix of employees to deliver an impressive and popular magazine issue. This is just the start of the management depth though with players also needing to consider the combination of theme, writing and photography, advertisements and your magazine fans.

While the core is about producing a high quality magazine the game is also about scouting locations, attending the yearly magazine awards ceremony, searching for new themes and even helping out the town around your business.

It’s one of their more varied games in the Kairosoft line up thanks to these additional elements that most of the other games in their portfolio don’t. The only let down is you never really feel like you can be as creative as you can in Game Dev Story or Anime Studio Story as magazines can be a little dull.


Unlike a traditional magazine with regular issues you’re magazines are only released once completed so there is no time pressure on hand. This is an important mechanic as it gives you the time to select the appropriate advertisers, the kind of column you’ll feature and where your main stories will be set. Less experienced employees will also accidentally introduce typos which can be corrected by spending one of your core resources, research points.

Magazine Mogul offers a decent challenge but nothing too complex, it’s ideal for those gamers seeking a casual management game.


  • Lead your own custom magazine.
  • Choose the adverts, stories and locations.
  • Hire the experienced staff you need for your magazine or train them to fill the role you need.
  • Help out the town while expanding your operations.
  • Play on your Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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