March to Rome

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  • Battle formations – 10 different factions – Great UI and music
  • Some slow loading times – Dry text

March to Rome takes you back to the days of the Roman Empire with a browser strategy game. Manage your economy, grow an army and lead your cities to conquest alone or with allies.



Once within the game players are greeted with a sleek UI and calming soundtrack which helps March to Rome feel like a modern strategy game from the very first click. As one would expect your quickly greeted by a tutorial guide who walks you through the basics of assigning workers to gather resources (wood, stone, iron and food), set an appropriate tax level, expand your city walls and launch your first attack on a neighbouring kingdom.

It’s a formula we’ve all seen before but March to Rome hands it to players in an overall nice package both in terms of visuals and the available information that it presents to players to create depth. It will no doubt have greater appeal to those that want to min-max their strategy and absorb all the mechanics but still will entice those that just want to mash button commands to their city.


Examples of such mechanics worthy of extra time include the ability to create formations for your units to attack your enemy, allowing you to focus your attack from a single side or opt for an attack from all sides, the ability to assign workers to constantly shift your income of resources and the good mixture of unit types which have their own purpose on the battlefield.

March to Rome isn’t completely without fault though, loading times in particular are a little on the slow side in comparison to other games and some of the language could use some creative flair and English refinement. These minor issues don’t detract from the rest of the great MMORTS game though.


  • Roman era themed MMORTS.
  • Choose your formation for maximum devastation.
  • Create your own unique identity with customisable sigils.
  • Manage your workforce and adjust as necessary for your current needs.
  • Explore a wide range of mechanics that are ideal for a min-max style.



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  1. Very nice game, only for players love real strategy games!

  2. great game, lots of upgrades, units and buildings. I really like the rituals idea!


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