Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

  • Hero variety – Crafting system – Social elements
  • Could use some more direction and tutorials to help players get started

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is a MMO designed for younger gamers that want the social features of a virtual world but prefer more action to the gameplay. The game has obvious appeal to children that love the Marvel franchise but the game is still fun if the Marvel heroes are new to you.


In the game players are tasked with creating their own squad of heroes. You will start with four super heroes (Cyclops, Falcon, Ms Marvel and Thing) but have the option to purchase over 100 more heroes. All of your favourites are there from Deadpool, the Hulk, Ironman, Loki, Thor, Wolverine, Mystique and many more.

Heroes are unlocked using a gold currency system that you obtain for playing or can purchase directly. Gold can also be used to unlock sidekicks to join you in battle, badges to unlock attacks and plenty of other goodies.

Players are free to switch between the heroes in their squad whenever they want. Heroes level up separately and come with their own stats, attacks, animations and unlock their own medals everytime you achieve a certain feat with them.

Gameplay wise Marvel Super Hero Squad Online uses a dual control system that lets you either take control of your hero with the mouse or use WASD (arrow keys are also supported). The game plays out like your standard beat ‘em up experience where players fight through large numbers of enemies to face a final boss. Along the way you’ll have plenty of challenges to help guide your progress but for the most part you’re free to explore the areas of the world without restriction.


Outside of combat and exploration the game also has a crafting system where players can gather materials from around the game world to craft new items for their characters.

With so much to do and a strong community behind the game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online may just be the best children based MMORPG around.


  • Play as all your favourite superheroes.
  • Explore several very detailed locations.
  • Collect materials to craft new powerful items.
  • Dual control system makes it easy to play the way that you want.
  • Large and friendly community makes the experience that much better.

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Review Platform: PC

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