Medieval II: Total War

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  • Brings the past to life – Lots of factions to experience
  • Still the odd AI quirk

Medieval II: Total War is the second game in the Total War series to take place in a Medieval setting and is the fourth game in series. Just like the previous instalments in the series the game combines turn based and real time elements.


Fans of the original Medieval: Total War will enjoy the familiar setting as players once again battle across Europe, the Middle East and Africa using medieval weapons, tactics, religion and politics.

In the campaign for the game players can select one of the available factions which are based on realistic civilisations during the time period. There are a total of 21 options and the player slowly unlocks the ability to play 17 of them by playing through the campaign. Players can either play a short campaign or long campaign which each have a different set of rules regarding victory.

Of course each faction comes with their own preferred style and unique units so each faction requires a different strategy to be used in play (or conquered by the player). This is where much of the replay value of the game comes from as you attempt to either master a single faction or try to play them all.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred campaign option the game plays out like any other Total War experience with players managing their settlements and armies while also having options available for trade and diplomacy. If the game does turn into war players enter the real time tactical combat screen to settle the dispute or can let the computer automatically decide the outcome of the battle.


The battle system in particular continues to be refined with troops utilising more movements, changing appearance based on their equipment and subtle changes to troops on an individual level to help them come alive as individual fighters rather than a squad that all look identical.

With Medieval II: Total War you can create your own story and use the strategy options available during the time. The game is definitely at the same level as the original game and shouldn’t be missed.


  • Just as good as the original Medieval: Total War game.
  • Use all the tactics and tools of medieval times for victory.
  • Large number of realistic factions in the game world.
  • Impressive improvements to battle visuals.
  • Tweaks across the board to create a better play experience.



Review Platform: PC

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