Might & Magic Heroes Online

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  • Great graphics – Plenty of strategy – Co-op battles
  • Some wait times and powerful cash shop items

Might & Magic Heroes Online brings a much loved franchise into the realm of browser gaming. With great graphics and animations bringing the game world to life in 2.5D style it’s visually enjoyable but also quite deep thanks to a range of well-designed mechanics.


Starting out your adventure players will have the option to either fight for Haven or opt for the evil Necropolis instead. This has little impact on the actual gameplay beyond visuals and storyline as each faction has access to the same classes (knight and cleric). This choice of class will alter both the troops you’ll be using on the battlefield and the spells you have access to.

Early visual customisation is quite poor but does expand as you equip new gear, adopt pets and more to create a character that is unique from the other players that you’ll encounter. Outside of visual customisation there is also a huge amount of skill customisation as you choose different skill trees to follow depending on your favourite strategy.

In terms of gameplay Might & Magic Heroes Online splits itself between the strategic hexagonal battles the franchise is known for and a basic town-building element where you’ll manage your army units and technology upgrades.

Outside of battles the world is explorable through simple point and click movement, this is where you’ll meet other players and move around the game world accepting quests from the various NPCs.

Once a battle is initiated Might & Magic Heroes Online jumps into the traditional hexagonal game board that fans would be all too familiar with. From here players will use their character and troops to defeat the enemy for that battle or achieve a particular objective.

In order to achieve this players have a wealth of strategy at their disposal. This includes spells from your hero, flanking and backstabbing just like the core Might & Magic franchise. Careful unit movement combined with carefully planning out your attacks is the key to success in every battle.


Of course with every success comes tougher opponents which is why the game allows you to co-operatively tackle a number of battles with your friends or another player in the vicinity.

Might & Magic Heroes Online stands above other browser strategy games thanks to its nice graphics and reasonably good depth on the battlefield. It’s not completely void of free to play pitfalls but it’s a great adventure none the less.


  • Might & Magic comes to the browser.
  • Great 2.5D graphics bring a world to life.
  • Impressive options in battle that give you strategic choice.
  • Create your town, upgrade your troops and more.
  • Experience co-operative battles.



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