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  • Online and free to play – Great casual past time
  • Won't keep you entertained for extended periods compared to the big MOBAs

Minions is unique in terms of the multiplayer online battler arena (MOBA) genre in that it is played online in your browser.


This means you can play the game anywhere you want or load it up on an old laptop if you are looking to kill some time. The game is completely free to play and was released in 2008 by David Scott and Paul Preece who are the brains behind a number of other popular Flash based games.

Minions is very popular having been accessed millions of times. The game’s accessibility is at the core of its success, because of the online based gameplay there are very few restrictions to being able to play the game. While this online environment limits what the game can offer in terms of features the game still manages to be very enjoyable and while it won’t replace any of the big MOBA games any time soon it’s a great casual way to get a fix of the MOBA genre.

Minions can be played with any number of players (as long as it’s an even number) allowing for fun variations such as 1v1. The maximum number of players available in any game is capped at 24 making 12v12 battles the largest games available in Minions.

Minions breaks the MOBA genre down into its simplest form with players being placed on the blue or red team and selecting from 1 of 8 different minions to control. From here players go about attempting to destroy the enemy base using their minion’s strengths and supporting their team.


As the game progresses minions automatically generate experience with kills rewarding additional experience on top of the passive amount. Eventually your minion will level up to become more powerful like in most other MOBA games. Death in Minions is also quite forgiving with dead players turning into ghost versions of themselves, allowing them to still move around but unable to attack or be attacked.

The game might now have the flair of the big MOBA games available but the game is a fun experience to play from time to time and has particular appeal to gamers on an older laptop that are looking to kill some time and after a MOBA like experience.


  • Simplistic and easy to learn.
  • Fun way to kill some time and incredibly addictive.
  • Uses Flash making it online and accessible.
  • Free to play with a small amount of paid content available (additional minion unlocks).
  • Play in 1v1 or up to 12v12 battles.



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  1. This game is pretty much dead.


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