Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

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  • Multiplayer is the best experience yet – Stunning visuals
  • Single player lacks its own feel, ends up very generic

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour takes Gameloft’s franchise to new heights with amazing graphics, tonnes of multiplayer improvements and a solid single player campaign to follow.


Plot wise the game isn’t going to blow you away with players running across the globe to gather clues, intelligence and take out the bad guys in an attempt to reclaim several hostages (one of which is the United States president). An interesting feature though is the ability to play some of the parts from the perspective of the bad guys instead which helps keep it fresh but don’t expect it to change the story a whole lot.

Gameplay is where Modern Combat 4 shines (particularly in multiplayer but more on that later). You’ll quickly notice that the game has received a significant boost to its graphics and they look absolutely stunning for a mobile game.

The core elements all return from the previous games with players using a variety of weapons, grenades and even their knife to deal with hordes of enemies. A number of quick time events also make an appearance with plenty of new ones to enjoy.

The all-important iron sights and customisable control setup also return in Modern Combat 4 which has become a staple of the series and something that other games on the platform still seem to be struggling with.


It’s almost blatantly obvious that multiplayer was the focus in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour with plenty of adjustments to the multiplayer environment to make it more in line with modern PC and console shooters like Call of Duty. Most notably is the number of weapons and attachments available in the game that allow players to customise their item load-out provided they have earned enough in game money.

The graphics of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour are well ahead of other games that are currently available in this space and it’s a no brainer purchase for fans of FPS multiplayer.


  • The best Modern Combat experience yet.
  • Explosive single player campaign with all the standard mission types you’d want.
  • Very Impressive graphics.
  • Strong multiplayer scene with plenty of weapon flexibility to test out.
  • On iOS and Android.



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