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  • Monster variety – Regular updates – Well-designed
  • Some overly generic elements let the game down

If you’re tired of breeding dragons in Dragon City then the latest game from Social Point takes the formula from their original hit but changes the theme to include all sorts of strange and mysterious monsters. The game originally started on Facebook but has more recently launched on iOS and Android devices to put the power of monster taming into your handheld device.


In Monster Legends your job is to tame the large array of beasts by hatching eggs and breeding them together to create more powerful combinations. By breeding a powerful team players will be able to create their own monster squads to fight in the adventure mode or compete against other players in the arena. As you learn more about the various monsters in the game and the breeding techniques that are available you can develop stronger and stronger teams to help you climb the player rankings.

Monster Legends is definitely a game that packs in a huge amount of content and with the regular updates always giving you a new monster to try and breed successfully it is a game that you can commit to playing for the long term.

Part of this long term success in Monster Legends revolves around building up suitable habitats for your monsters to feel at home, keeping them well fed and breeding them correctly to fill up your Monstagram (a monster encyclopaedia).


With a habitat for each type of monster available to you (fire, nature, water, dark, magic and many more) there are plenty of buildings to manage in your Monster Legends adventure. Players will also get to unlock special buildings, items, décor and even additional items as they advance to ensure that there is always a goal ahead of you.

Monster Legends definitely doesn’t reinvent the breeding game genre but provides a lot more depth than most games in this space. With Social Point behind the game you can also be sure that it is only going to get better with age.


  • From the creators of Dragon City.
  • Regular updates mean new monsters and buildings are always around the corner.
  • Plenty of PvE and PvP content to enjoy.
  • Well-polished and designed breeding game.
  • Play online through Facebook or on your iOS/Android device.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. Advice to people thinking of starting to play this game: I would recommend not to start playing this game. It will be fun for a while, and then become frustrating and disappointing later.

    I just leveled up from Level 49 to Level 50. Now it’s so difficult to get coins I might as well not bother even trying to get the monsters I want. Big disappointment. Thinking of giving up this game now. It was good until now. What a waste of time, effort and money …. The way things are now, I would advise people who are thinking of starting this game not to bother – it’s good for a while, then it becomes frustrating and disappointing. Also, PC users are very disadvantaged in this game – some of the best features are only available on Android. If I’d know what I know now, I wouldn’t have started playing this game. I wish that these things had been made clear at the start, so that I could have made an informed decision.

    Can anyone recommend a similar game that doesn’t turn bad after you’ve spent a long time (and lots of money) playing it?

  2. This game is AMAZING! Pangolian just sucks at the game. I am LV 73, and coins are easy to get, and the game is fun, if someone sucks, they cant play and they blame it on the game, OP game, recommended to play if you are good gamer


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