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  • Plenty of depth – Unique combo system
  • Slower progress than other idle games

Dig for gold and treasures in Must-a-Mine a fun idle clicker game that will take you all the way to the core of the Earth. Available to play in your browser, iOS and Android.


In Must-a-Mine players must dig out layers of Earth which have increasing density and thus require more clicks or digging power to overcome. To assist you with this task players have 10 squares to build helpful units and machinery to passively dig out the earth for you.

This includes things like Mole Rats, a Geologist, Excavator and many others for a total of 20 options. Players must unlock and build new units at the cost of the games primary currency (gold) and are limited to one of each unit type. The game does not penalise players for moving their units around though as upgrade levels are maintained.

With limited space though choosing an ideal combination of units is where your focus should be. Every unit has different stats that will impact your click damage, passive damage and even item chance. This is compounded further by unique skills which are unlocked at certain unit upgrade levels. These skills can be both passive and active while boosting a huge range of different elements.


To add another layer of depth Must-a-Mine uses a fun artefact system with players able to find items as they dig towards the Earth’s core. Players can equip any 4 of these which provide global bonuses to gold, item find, click damage or other stats. With any spare artefacts players can combine them together to create more powerful versions.

With its list of features and plenty of depth Must-a-Mine constantly has something new for you to spend your hard earned gold on.


  • Dig to the centre of the Earth in this idle clicker game.
  • Use your mined gold to upgrade units and unlock skills.
  • Find rare artefacts to boost your abilities.
  • Meet various achievements to earn premium diamond currency.
  • Play in your browser, iOS or Android device.



Review Platform: iOS

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