My Fantastic Park

  • Good: Puts similar games to shame – Depth and variety - Graphics
  • Not suited for long game sessions

My Fantastic Park lets you create the theme park of your dreams in an impressive amusement park management game that definitely has Rollercoaster Tycoon inspiration. The game is available for free and online through the Upjers network of browser games.


Visually the game is very attractive and realistic with every decoration, park ride and even visitors having plenty of detail to bring the game to life. There is no shortage of things to do in My Fantastic Park and there is plenty of depth to all the activities which is always a tough bar to reach in a browser based management game.

Core gameplay in My Fantastic Park will have you building a variety of rides, shops and decorations to turn your empty plot of land into a thriving theme park that everybody wants to visit. The list of attractions available is simply insane in My Fantastic Park with players able to access rides of varying sizes with themes including sci-fi, western, medieval, fantasy, pirate and much more. This allows you to easily design park sections based around a particular theme.

Not only is there a huge list of park attractions there is also multiple levels of each ride so even your older rides are constantly getting a makeover to keep the game fresh. Players aren’t given all the fun tools right from the start though, you’ll have to prove yourself capable of running a successful theme park by completing missions to increase your level. Players can also attempt to complete a large list of achievements for additional bonuses.


Most interesting is that the game doesn’t just limit you to money with players also having to manage their materials, technology, ideas and nature resources with different buildings and decorations requiring varying amounts of these resources.

On the surface My Fantastic Park is just a simple game but there is so much depth that it’s easy to get pulled in with what is one of the best games in the genre.


  • Create the ultimate theme park.
  • Huge list of attractions to build with plenty of themes and upgrades.
  • Always a mission or achievement to complete.
  • Free and playable in your browser.
  • Level of detail brings the game to life.

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