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  • Unique – Lots of freedom – Content slowly unlocks
  • Some UI elements could be better

My Free Farm is one of Upjer’s popular tycoon and simulation games with a farm theme. This farm game is easy to get into and promises plenty of gameplay as you gain levels, grow your farm and attract customers to stay in business.


My Free Farm has good appeal to both newcomers to this genre and long-time fans thanks to its simple design and good tutorial which is also paired with plenty of freedom as the game slowly opens up. The game does this by slowly unlocking new elements of the game with each new level to keep you from being overrun with options right from the start.

Gameplay in My Free Farm has you operating your own farm with the goal to complete quests and fill visitor orders. Using these quest rewards and profits from trading you’ll be able to expand your farm further in and endless cycle that fans of games like Hay Day will be familiar with. This cycle is more enjoyable than most farming simulation games thanks to the steady unlocking of new features.

In addition to planting crops, raising animals and even harvesting flowers players will also have control over the buildings that make up their farm. These buildings unlock new opportunities to refine and manufacture different items from the raw materials on your farm to increase their worth. With the dozens of different crops available paired with a similar number of buildings deciding the early direction of your game is quite the management challenge (and an enjoyable one).


When players want to take a break from their own farm they’ll find several cute villages to visit where you can stock up new supplies, trade with others or take on attractive orders for your produce.

Upjers has done well to create a world around the farming simulation experience of My Free Farm while also offering more freedom to players at the same time.


  • Create your own farm with animals, crops, flowers and buildings.
  • Accept orders for your produce or trade on the open market.
  • Lots of freedom to create and design the way that you want.
  • Free to play and browser based.
  • A unique farming simulation adventure.



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