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  • Plenty of achievements to chase – Variety of things to do
  • Some Mac specific issues

My Tribe puts you in real time control of an island paradise. Your intelligent tribe of people is in your hands as they learn new skills, start families and learn the secrets of the island they inhabit. With a range of great structures to build, areas to explore and real time mechanics that keep the game going even when you aren’t playing My Tribe is delightful gaming adventure.


Your goal in this journey is to create a prosperous island escape by advancing your technology, building structures and unlocking the mysteries of the islands before you. The game borrows much from the exceedingly popular Virtual Villagers franchise such as the real time gameplay and the setting but adds one or two pinches of its own flavour to evolve what is on offer.

Story wise the game follows a group of shipwrecked survivors that land on an unknown island after a catastrophic storm and must use their wits to settle the island and survive in this new found environment. The best part about My Tribe is the near infinite replay-ability with the option for players to choose from various island layouts at the start of the game that can alter the experience slightly. Once within the game My Tribe feels almost like a typical RTS experience as players direct their settlers with a click of the mouse to collect the various resources available on the island.


Turning this resources into new buildings, technological improvements and even potions will be your main focus as you also grow your population to improve your resource generation. Potion making is particularly deep with over 40 potion varieties to discover and mix to help give your survivors a range of bonus effects. There is also a decent amount of engagement to be had from the procreation element of the game as you try to create offspring with the right physical traits for the skills you need and adds that extra layer of optimising your resource gathering needs.

Overall the similar elements to games that came before it can’t be ignored, but if you aren’t one too care about copy cat game design then you’ll love having an additional virtual villager simulator to play.


  • Manage your own virtual tribe.
  • Choose from countless island layouts that each come with their own mysteries and challenges.
  • Brew potions for a variety of effects.
  • Play in real time or opt to pause the game when you aren’t playing instead.
  • For PC and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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