• Impressive looking game world – Building tools
  • Unknown release date – Slow development

Mythruna aims to combine role playing elements with a beautifully crafted voxel based gameplay. The game is currently free to play but will eventually be a paid experience when it is fully released.


Mythruna is being developed by just one man (Paul Speed) which does mean that development has been a fairly slow process. In its current state, the game is missing lots of the planned role playing features but it does allow nearly all the building features you’ll need which is the current attraction of the game.

Fans of Minecraft with the creativity gene will enjoy the additional building features in Mythruna from pre-designed objects (tables, chairs, etc.), the ability to easily copy blocks, some advanced lighting effects and the ability to use shapes that aren’t cubes. You can also design your own objects and create blueprints of them so you can place them around the game world for some truly impressive creations.

Modding already has some support with the community also helping on a few of the minor game aspects to help speed up development if you are interested in participating.


So what form of game will Mythruna finally take upon release? Paul has revealed that the inspiration for the game comes from RPG elements as opposed to the more mining focused experience that Minecraft offers (although mining will be available in some shape or form in Mythruna). These RPG elements include features like playable races, NPCs, crafting, magic, weather, random dungeons and much more.

Overall you will find the current state of Mythruna to be more aligned with Minecraft in creative mode as Paul works through bugs and develops features behind the scenes. This makes it an attractive game option with its free price tag for people who love to create and with the multiplayer support already available you can easily create some amazing designs that are well ahead of what you could create in Minecraft.


  • Current focus on building in single and multiplayer environments.
  • Lots of building tools that other games don’t offer.
  • The game will eventually play out like an RPG.
  • Impressive visuals that retain the blocky Minecraft feel.
  • Chances to participate in development or create mods.

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Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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