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  • Customisation – Variety
  • Some broken elements and lag

Nebulous is an Android only version of the popular grow your own organism game. In the game you’ll try to avoid larger players as you slowly build up your own blob power and ultimately claim the title of biggest blob.


Nebulous has a packed list of features which makes it a great alternative for Android users. Most of these features are focused around customisation, extra depth and building a community.

Customisation comes in the form of over 300 skins for players to unlock for their blob to use, with many of the more rare skins requiring unique achievements to unlock it gives you that constant new goal to achieve. The level of customisation also allows players to choose there preferred background with grid and space themes available. Players can even alter their control scheme to something they are comfortable with.

Meanwhile depth has been added through a deep stat record system, experience and achievements. This is then combined with a good variety of game modes which includes a capture the flag, single player (offline) and even a fun soccer mode to keep you constantly coming back to Nebulous.


This is enhanced further by the final key element of what makes Nebulous addictive, the community. Supported with features such as a clan system (with clan wars), server leaderboards and groups it’s easy to make friends or play with ones you already have.

If you’ve recently become hooked on the simple of nature of this game genre and are looking for one of the better games in this space (especially if Android is a requirement) then you’ll find that Nebulous delivers and will keep you coming back for more blob eating goodness.


  • Android exclusive blob eating game.
  • Customise your experience with themes, skins and controls.
  • Join a clan, make friends and engage in a large community.
  • Enjoy multiple game modes including capture the flag, soccer and offline single player.
  • Grow your blob from tiny to large and dominate the server.



Review Platform: Android

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  1. Neublous is an awesome game with a awesome community filled of different cultras


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