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  • Unique take on match three – Colorful and varied
  • Some performance issues

Nibblers takes the common match three puzzle formula but alters it slightly to create some additional challenge. Available for free on iOS and Android devices the hundreds of Nibbler levels will keep you entertained on the go.


Nibblers opens with players fish like character landing on a colourful new island that is just begging to be explored. Contained on this island is a range of delicious fruits but also a number of evil lizards who see you as nothing more than a tasty snack.

Within each level your objective is to fend off these lizards while matching fruit to achieve high scores. Each individual level sets you up with a limited number of turns and a set number of lizards which need to be cleared from the game board within the available moves.

In order to do so you’ll need to make matches of the fruit tiles next to each lizard. One match will stun the lizard in place while another will wipe them from the game board completely. This simple concept is quickly compounded in difficulty though with the likes of obstacles, moving lizards and even the odd boss battle.


Your tools also quickly grow though as well to ensure a fair challenge. This list of tools includes the ability to match 4 fruits to create a Coral Nibbler who can clear an entire line of fruits and lizards, the Octo Nibbler for matching 5 fruits who can clear three lines at a time and finally the Bitelines for a cross section 5 match which attacks in all 4 directions.

Mixing these together quickly becomes important as difficultly is finely tuned to require careful game moves for success. Ultimately you’ll find an excitingly unique and colourful approach to the match three puzzle genre.


  • Combines match three gameplay with strategic gameplay.
  • Fight lizards across hundreds of levels.
  • Play for free on your iOS and Android devices.
  • Match 4 or 5 fruits for extra devastating Nibblers.
  • Battle bosses and compare yourself against friends.



Review Platform: iOS

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