Nibiru: Age of Secrets

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  • Amount of content – Inventory based puzzles – Setting
  • Not a lot of depth or options in puzzles

Nibiru: Age of Secrets was released in 2005 and falls into the adventure game genre. The game is one of the largest to be released in the genre with a huge number of locations, NPCs and dialogue in the game.


Nibiru takes place after the discovery of an old tunnel thanks to the construction of a new highway. It is quickly discovered that the tunnel is an old German war tunnel that was filled in towards the end of World War II. This discovery obviously attracts lots of media attention and soon the whole world is buzzing at this discovery.

This is where players join the story as Martin Holan, a student of archaeology and linguistics who is enlisted by his uncle to help in the examination of the tunnel. Martin is due to meet with one of his uncle’s friends at the site but finds he has been brutally murdered when he shows up. The story definitely comes off as something out of the Da Vinci Code so there is plenty of appeal for fans of mystery, science and puzzle solving.

From here players go about exploring the game world, completing puzzles and collecting information in order to solve this mysterious and unfortunate death. This is done through a fixed third person camera view which is in line with older puzzle adventures.


Your mysterious adventure in the world of Nibiru isn’t short on content and you can expect a lengthy adventure. This includes nearly 100 different game locations (split over 5 separate chapters), over two dozen NPCs waiting to be interrogated and a huge amount of dialogue to listen through for clues.

In terms of content it’s hard to fault Nibiru since it offers so much of it; it’s got a few rough patches though which stop it from being something great.


  • A 2005 adventure game.
  • No shortage of content to explore.
  • Intriguing story with a Da Vinci Code style feel.
  • Some truly impressive settings.
  • Variety of puzzles to complete.



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