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  • Mixture of influences – Story twists and turns
  • Basic mechanics aren't anything new or exciting – Visuals are rough in some areas

Nier creates an interesting story for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners that revolve around two books, one good and the other evil. Uniquely to understand the full story players will need to complete the game multiple times.


Set in a decaying world players control Nier in his quest to save his daughter Yonah from the illness of the Black Scrawl. In order to do so you’ll team up with the talking book known as Grimoire Weiss and two companions Kaine and Emil. In addition to curing the illness players will learn more about the game world and the Shade creatures that are part of the decaying world.

Gameplay is very reminiscent of other hack and slash video games with players exploring a wide game world where you’ll constantly encounter enemies to fight for loot and experience. The game is much more than your typical hack and slash game though with the game mixing in some puzzles and alternative camera angles (such as side scrolling or top down) to mix things up.

Role playing is also a key focus of the Nier experience with a huge collection of side quests that will have you completing little tasks for NPCs such as hunting particular monsters, delivering items and more. The variety isn’t huge here and they rarely add much to the story but provide an option for players to pass difficult areas by improving their equipment and levels to bring the difficultly down.


Most of this upgrading is done through forging and words which are learnt for defeating enemies in the game world and collecting the loot scattered around the world. For those that want a break from dungeon crawling the game also has farming and fishing for you to pad your wallets further.

The unique mixture of genres that Nier has capture is worth experiencing, particularly when paired with a strong story. It’s got some rough edges by the plot twisting story more than makes up for that.


  • A combination of genres with a plot twist driven story.
  • Hack and slash countless monsters to improve your character.
  • Battle with a talking book and 2 companions.
  • Replay the story to unlock new details.
  • For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



Review Platform: PS3

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