Nova Genesis

  • Setting – Flashy skills
  • Similar to other games

Nova Genesis is a browser based role playing adventure that takes you through a fantasy story. It’s similar in design to many of the other R2 Games out there such as Wartune and League of Angels but offers a new experience.


Players start their adventure in Nova Genesis by selecting from the three available classes in the game, Corsair, Wraith and Pyson. These three classes feel fairly typical MMO roles but do come with a flashy set of skills that you can call on in battle.

The Corsair relies on his or her massive sword to deliver physical attacks with plenty of brute force behind them. They are also great party members though with the ability to advance down the three skill trees of damage, defense of buffs. The Wraith on the other hand is all about agility and critical strikes, fulfilling the assassin like role in Nova Genesis. These dual dagger wielding characters are the masters of poisons and can use their skill trees to develop single target damage, area attacks or enemy control abilities. Finally the Pyson, master of the crystals who can call on devastating spells which can be upgraded to focus on multiple targets, single targets or even healing for allies.

Regardless of which character that you pick the story is the same and opens with you on a flying airship as your friend is taken from you in the heat of battle. You’ll then awaken three days later as you embark on a journey.

Nova Genesis is based around individual levels (no open world here) but does provide more freedom than other 2.5D browser games by allowing players to move their character around the map to pick up loot and move from level start to end (usually with a boss battle).


In between these points players will find a number of roaming enemies which if touched will initiate the combat system of Nova Genesis. This takes place on a separate screen and relies on very simple mechanics for combat which involve players using their available skills by pressing the associated shortcut key. There isn’t much strategy here and is much more about the equipment you posses and your level than actual skill.

Fans of this sub-genre of browser based games will not be disappointed with Nova Genesis due to some nice design and a different setting. It’s only worth playing though if you’re a fan of this sort of game.


  • Story driven adventure.
  • Plenty of content in terms of story, items and quests.
  • Simple combat mechanics.
  • 3 different classes to choose from.
  • Free to play and browser based.

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