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  • Huge replay value – Good difficulty level
  • UI could use some tweaks to automate repetitive actions

Choose your own space adventure in Out There a game that challenges you to survive in the vastness of space on your iOS or Android device.


Set in the future as the human race makes a mad dash for resources outside our own planet players find themselves lost outside the solar system as they wake from their cryonic sleep.

In order to have any hope of making it back to Earth players will need jump from star to star where randomised events will take place. Each of these stars have their own their own planets (usually 2 or 3) which you can orbit in attempt to acquire resources and make contact with alien life forms.

Each of these jumps will cost you some of your fuel and oxygen resources which must be replenished by mining helium, hydrogen or oxygen. While if your ship is damaged iron must be used if your haul is damaged. Running out of any of these key resources will of course result in game over which gives the game a rogue-like style as you’ll die often and have to start all over again with a new randomised galaxy.


The range of technology is particularly impressive in Out There and is all crafted from the ship screen from various resources. While your core modules allow you to move around in space, drill and probe planets players eventually gain access to more advanced technologies that allow planet terraforming, shields and even a wormhole generator.

With fantastic writing and multiple choices for most encounters combining with some stunning comic style graphics Out There is also a visual treat from your first adventure until your last. If you’re a fan of Faster Than Light then Out There is a definite must have.


  • Explore a random galaxy with your spacecraft with hundreds of randomised encounters.
  • Experience great writing and crisp comic style graphics.
  • Meet alien species and befriend them.
  • Gather resources from the planets you visit to survive.
  • Upgrade your ship with powerful technologies.



Review Platform: PC

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