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  • Humour – Blend of gameplay mechanics
  • Controls take some getting used to

Overlord blends role playing elements, kingdom management, action and Pikmin like game elements to offer an interesting and humorous game. The original game was released in 2007 with an expansion pack (Raising Hell) coming soon after.


Overlord takes you across a fantasy world with players taking on the role of an evil leader. As the new Overlord it’s up to you to bring the power of evil back by recreating the evil empire that once stood tall over the land. In order to do this you’ll have to deal with several pesky corrupt heroes while making various karma based decisions that can turn your playthrough from evil to truly evil.

The game starts with players being pulled from their grave and resurrected by gremlins. They quickly slap some armour on you and name you their new Overlord. Without a memory of your past you have little choice but to assume this new role.

Gameplay in Overlord blends action and some puzzle solving elements with players controlling both their Overlord and their army of goblin minions as they move through the game. Your Overlord is capable of unleashing spells or attacking with a number of melee weapons and grows fairly consistently through the game by improving your equipment, maximum health and maximum mana.


The other element of gameplay is controlling an army of minions with the maximum number of controllable minions slowing increasing throughout the game. Minions can be one of four different types which each have their own uses in solving the environmental puzzles. Minions can be sent to attack enemies, pick up items or use their abilities in other ways such as setting things on fire or swimming through water.

The blend of game elements and constant satire humour is a really fresh experience and ends up feeling like a blend of Pikmin with Fable like features.


  • Blends a number of genres together.
  • Gear up your Overlord to dispatch enemies.
  • Use four different minions each with their own strengths and abilities.
  • Recreate your evil tower from scratch and claim your own evil mistress.
  • Plenty of humour throughout the game world.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. The game is pretty much evil pikmin.


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