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  • Choices that matter – Lack of cutscenes
  • Story pacing is inconsistent

Expanding out into the world of the supernatural Oxenfree offers a unique mystery across a large breadth of platforms. It was also the first game produced by Night School Studio’s who envisioned a a highly story driven game without the use of cutscenes.


In Oxenfree players take on the role of Alex a teenager on a weekend visit to the local island. After your arrival though all sense of reason and logic is lost after a series of supernatural events leave Alex and friends unravelling the secrets that the island is hiding. Alex and friends have various relationships between each other which can come into play as the story progresses further. The ending of the game is impacted by various decisions made by the player which is summarised at the end of the game.

Oxenfree is presented as a 2.5D adventure game with players taking controlling of the main character, Alex. Accompanied by her friends Alex explores the local island in an attempt to undo the paranormal force that is wrecking havoc on the island.


A fundamental gameplay mechanic is the players ability to freely walk around the game world even during dialogue sequences. In these dialogues players are often presented with two or three dialogue choices which further drive the story into a particular direction. This impact also extends to the relationship Alex has with each character with changes to this also depicted above their heads.

Other game mechanics include interaction with in game world objects and simple puzzles that utilise this mechanic. The game is also free of game over screens with players simply receiving an alternative ending, this design does also encourage replay value as you change your decisions to uncover the impact.


  • Explore an island of supernatural events.
  • Command Alex and friends through various scenarios.
  • Make decisions that impact your relationships and the game ending.
  • Resolve simple game puzzles.
  • Play on a vast range of platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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