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  • Use of elements – Insane number of levels
  • No aim assistance, can be filmsy on small devices

Save all the baby pandas as you can Panda Pop, a bubble popping adventure with over 1,000 levels that offer unique and challenging level design. To help you master the levels you’ll be able to call on the power of the elements on both mobile and in your browser.


Taking players straight into panda bubble popping action you’ll breeze through the first level as you learn the basic mechanics. Similar to other puzzle popping games Panda Pop is centred around matching coloured bubbles (3 or more) in order to clear the game board and free the pandas trapped within it.

These bubbles are thrown up in the arm by mum Panda with a simple tap or click, clearing all the bubbles of a single colour and bringing any bubbles with no connection to the ground. Each level your objective is the same as you seek to rescue all the pandas trapped in that level before you run out of coloured balls. Level variety is by no means stale though with all sorts of additional mechanics, obstacles and power ups to use.

Obstacles in particular are extremely vast from indestructible steel bubbles, to ice that can be cleared with the right colour match, bumper bubbles that reflect your bubbles, death bubbles that cause an instant game over and countless others.


In order to overcome the 1,000+ levels you’ll have to use every mechanic available to you which includes the ability to swap the current coloured orb to the next one in your basket, apply boosters or use lantern powers. Boosters are your usual paid power ups and offer things like the ability to pop any colour, give yourself perfect aim, swap out for another colour, clear a section of the bubbles entirely, claim extra bubbles or clear an obstacle.

Lanterns on the other hand are available depending on the level and don’t cost you anything to use although you’ll have to be fairly strategic in order to get the maximum effect from them. Each is tied to a certain bubble colour and lets you unless the elements of fire, water, sun and vine which all clear bubbles in various ways to bring you closer to your goal.


  • Pop your way through over 1,000 levels.
  • Command the elements of fire, water, sun and vines to clear the game board.
  • Use other helpful power ups to master difficult levels.
  • Play on Facebook, iOS or Android.
  • Rescue the panda babies while you avoid all sorts of obstacles.



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