Pirate Duel

  • Anti Pay2Win philosophy – Pirate theme – Interesting gameplay – Visuals
  • Still early days which means low user pool – Slow tutorial

If you’re a fan of browser based strategy MMOs you’ve played hundreds of medieval themed games and a dozen space adventures on top of that. Chances are though you’ve never run into a pirate themed game though which is exactly what Pirate Duel looks to address.


From the minds from Magic Box comes quite possibly the very first pirate themed browser strategy MMO. It’s joining a hugely saturated genre but if the charming visuals don’t win you over straight away the gameplay and absence of pay to win elements will.

Your first step to becoming the pirate king in Pirate Duel is creating your captain and selecting a clan to align yourself with. As you would expect each clan has different traits that can alter your gameplay. On the one hand you’ve got the balance Larus who possess no real advantages or disadvantages while the Akuma clan gains bonus fire power (at the cost of defence) and boosts to wood production (at the cost of stone production) with the Barca clan mirroring Akuma.

Once you’ve settled on your clan players will start their adventure with the typical game tutorial (supported by videos) that gives you the basic tools to get started and rewards you for these basic efforts. This tutorial does drag on slightly with players having to wait up to a minute for these starter buildings to complete with these wait times serving little purpose at this early stage.

Once you make it past the tutorial though the wealth of the game quickly opens up, Pirate Duel is quite easily one of the most complex games in the strategy genre with many different elements at play in each battle. These include things like your chosen strategy (central or flank attack), the weather, your individual ships, their formation and even your captains skills.


It’s definitely a lot to take in at first and will take you plenty of time to master but this amount of depth is welcomed in a genre that rarely sees much strategy beyond opening up your wallet.

With many other features available once you get into the thick of the game such as boss fights, ruins to explore and duels Pirate Duel will restore your faith in the browser based strategy genre.


  • Pirate themed browser game.
  • No Pay2Win elements.
  • Wonderful hand drawn art style.
  • Deep combat mechanics ensure long term enjoyment.
  • Explore the map, engage in duels, improve your captain and much more.

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Samuel Franklin
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