Pocket Mortys

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  • Unique Morty designs – Captures the Rick and Morty feel
  • Overly simplified combat

Mix Pokemon gameplay with the hilarious Adult Swim adventures of Rick & Morty and you’ll get Pocket Mortys a simple collect them all RPG that has you collecting and battling your own various Mortys.


The game kicks off in the popular TV show garage with Rick working on a unique MortyPad device that is able to track the stats of other Mortys. Soon out of nowhere though a mysterious Rick steps out of a dimensional portal to take Morty with Rick reluctantly stepping up to the defence.

This is where you’ll get the first taste of the combat system of the game which is comparable to the Pokemon adventures. Players will select a Morty to send into battle, select an appropriate attack, use items and aim to bring the opposing Mortys health down to zero which result in them becoming dazed and unable to battle. Successful battles will result in experience gain to improve move sets while also giving players some Schmeckles (the in-game currency).

For combat depth Pocket Mortys uses a simple rock-paper-scissors structure with Mortys having one of these attributes. The item system is also reasonably interesting with the ability to combine random items to make healing serums, boost attack or boost your Morty level by one.

In addition to your starting Morty players can find over 70 different variants wandering around the game world which can be captured using Morty Manipulator Chips in a similar fashion to using Pokeballs. This list includes creative Mortys such as One Eye, Karate, Moustache, Rainbow Shirt, Crazy Cat and many more unique variations with their own evolution paths.


Evolutions aren’t entirely level based in Pocket Mortys with players needing two Mortys of the same type before combining them into an improved version with better stats.

Ultimately your goal in this Morty, Rick and alien populated world is to defeat the council of Ricks which is made up of the 6 most powerful Morty trainers. To prove your worth though you’ll first have to collect badges from other Ricks in a host of different dimensions.


  • Ricky and Morty themed Pokemon game.
  • Find and capture over 70 uniquely designed Mortys.
  • Battle Ricks for badges and face the council.
  • Combine items to create new powerful items.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors combat.



Review Platform: iOS

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