Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt

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  • Free to play – Lots of hidden elements
  • Little depth to gameplay – Higher difficulties are unwinnable

Play as Remedy, a recent graduate from the healing school you steps into Hurtland to use her studied powers for the good of the townsfolk. Use your powers to heal everyone in sight and eventually work your way to your final patient, the Prince Hingst.


Originally developed for a game jam in 2014 (Games Against Ebola) the game has long outlived it’s original intention due in thanks to the rise of popular similar games such as Undertale. Given the game jam origins Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt is a short game, taking just over an hour to complete but does come with a free price tag as well.

If the name of the town you’ll be adventuring into has not already given it away Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt is a game that never takes itself too seriously with plenty of comedy thrown into the game mix. It’s a forgiving game as well that is more about the unique experience than an actual challenge.

Gameplay revolves around players exploring the aforementioned Hurtland where everybody is in need of healing, leaving it up to Remedy to patch them up. In order to do so you’ll move Remedy across the overworld exploring the town and its surrounding areas (forests, caves, etc). With a NPC located in need of curing the games healing mode activates where you’ll throw pills and syringes at germs in order to cure them.


Should you fail players are thrown back into the overworld and can attempt again, something that even on the standard difficultly will happen a fair bit in the early game until you familiarise yourself with the best strategy of germ killing. A number of treasure chests lie hidden away within the world that can be used to upgrade your healing powers.

With a free price tag and an hour long adventure awaiting players there is little reason not to step into this unique 8 bit game world for fans of the genre.


  • Visit Hurtland and heal all the NPCs in need.
  • Discover chests to improve your healing abilities.
  • A unique and forgiving 8 bit game world.
  • Originally created for a charity game jam event.
  • Free to play on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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